Why You Should Consider Pursuing a Ph.D. in Accounting?

Think back to when you were in school. You most likely can recall the impact of a professor who inspired your passion for discovery and challenged you to reach beyond your limits.

Imagine yourself as the one who impacts generations of students, simply by passing along your own industry experience and genuine appreciation for learning. Your contribution to the body of knowledge about the practice and regulation of accounting can be exhilarating.

The pursuit of your Ph.D. is a rigorous process that requires exceptional effort. But the personal and professional rewards of becoming an accounting professor are truly outstanding. You will enjoy the freedom to:

    • Work independently and set your own agenda
    • Explore accounting issues that you have never before had the time to investigate
    • Augment your income via consulting, writing and other professional endeavors
    • Influence the future of accounting with your research and teaching

The shortage of and the demand for accounting faculty has also led to a substantial rise in the starting salaries for newly minted doctorates in accounting. The wave of anticipated retirements of accounting faculty members over the next decade suggests that the time could never be better for you to consider this career path.

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