The Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program Success Stories

The Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program has helped hundreds of professionals meet their dreams of working in academia and educating future generations of accounting leaders. We invite you join these individuals in following a new path forward.

"A PhD in accounting will provide a unique opportunity to apply creativity to the accounting profession through research and teaching. ADS contributed to my decision to pursue a PhD in many meaningful ways. Besides the obvious benefit of financial security during the commitment to a PhD program, ADS provided me with the opportunity to develop a well rounded understanding of what it really takes to get a PhD in accounting, as well as valuable insights about life as an accounting faculty after completion of a doctoral program." - Landi Morris, 2017 ADS Program Scholar, Bentley University

"Throughout my time as a practicing CPA, I harbored an interest in pursuing a PhD and the opportunities it would provide to do research and develop the next generation of accountants. However, leaving my position was a daunting step. The ADS Program provided the key support to help me make the decision. I'm thrilled to see what the future holds!" - Davidson Burton Gillette, 2017 ADS Program Scholar, University of Alabama

"When my firm announced the resumption of the ADS Program, I jumped at the chance to apply. As a professor of auditing, I will have the freedom to pursue answers to important theoretical questions and perform research that helps shape the future of public accounting. I am excited to bring my ten years of public accounting experience to the classroom to prepare students for their own professional journeys." - Alex Johanns, 2017 ADS Program Scholar, University of Illinois

"Becoming an accounting professor has felt like a calling to me for a number of years, but I was concerned about having the financial wherewithal to pursue a PhD. The ADS Program’s support and encouragement provided the boost that I needed to pursue my dream. I have had occasion to speak with many of the ADS Scholars who are now professors or about to embark on their first academic positions, and I can already appreciate the network that the ADS Program provides. I have heard from members of the earlier ADS cohorts that this network has been extraordinarily helpful to them thus far in their academic careers as well – providing research collaborations, contacts in both practice and academia, and helpful input on research ideas, the job market, the tenure process, and many other topics. I am grateful to the AICPA and the sponsoring accounting firms and organizations for relaunching the ADS Program and providing critical support for the next generation of accounting, audit and tax professors." - Amanda Gates Carlson, 2017 ADS Program Scholar, University of Wisconsin

"Pursuing a Ph.D. in Accounting is a bold commitment due to the time commitment, workload, and short term pay cut. The ADS program has made the latter a much easier pill to swallow by providing additional funding to students allowing them to live a more comfortable lifestyle as they work through these next 4-5 years. I am so grateful to the AICPA for making this program possible and recognizing the importance of a student’s focus on their education, rather than their short term financial situation." - Kristen Steury, 2017 ADS Program Scholar, University of South Carolina

“I remember sitting at dinner with a colleague after leading a training session at the firm where I worked and was asked what my future plans were. After thinking about it a moment, I said that I would really like to go back to school and get a Ph.D. in accounting, but that it didn't seem a financially viable option since I had a small family. The next day, our firm sent out a daily communication announcing the ADS program and I began to contemplate the idea more. A little over a year later, I'm now living my dream of becoming a professor and will be in a position to influence the profession and many future members of the profession through teaching and research. I couldn't be more excited.” - Timothy Seidel, 2010 ADS Program Scholar

“The effect of the ADS program will be felt for generations to come through its influence on burgeoning scholars. It provides information, monetary compensation, and all-important networking opportunities that we, as Ph.D. hopefuls, would have been hard-pressed to find elsewhere. This program and its benefits have enabled me to pursue my passion, and I am incredibly grateful for the doors it has helped me open.” -Patrick Hurley, 2010 ADS Program Scholar

“We're impressed with the ADS students we've met at other universities and we would love to have one of our own.” - Kathryn Kadous, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

“To me, one of the most compelling details about the ADS Program is the buy-in from the member firms. I first heard about the ADS Program on my firm's internal network website. While the member firms certainly don't want to see some of their best people go, they all seem to recognize the need for strong accounting scholars; and are willing to promote the ADS program to serve the greater good. Personally, I have long held a keen interest in a career in academics. However, it was difficult for me to rationalize a transition back to a student's thrifty lifestyle from the relative comfort of public accounting. The ADS scholarship made my transition much easier by providing generous funding for my academic pursuit.” - Michael V. Barnes Jr., 2010 ADS Program Scholar

“The ADS Program placed me within a network of accomplished, well-respected professors and strong Ph.D. applicants. These top-notch individuals were very helpful throughout the application process, and I look forward to working with them throughout my career in academia.” - Sean Dennis, 2010 ADS Program Scholar

“The thought of getting my Ph.D. and pursuing a career in academia was in the back of my mind for years, but hearing about the ADS Program was the final push I needed to start on this exciting new path.” - Margot Howard, 2010 ADS Program Scholar