The Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program

The Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program was launched in June 2008 to address the growing shortage of academically qualified university accounting faculty members – especially those with recent experience in the practice of audit and tax.

At the time the ADS program was created, over 43 percent of current accounting faculty members at U.S. colleges and universities are 55 or older, readying for retirement from the field. Meanwhile, student enrollment in college accounting programs is at an all-time high.

Ph.D.s with practical experience are essential for advancing the body of professional knowledge and to prepare talented, skilled accountants for emerging opportunities. In fact, ensuring a robust supply of accounting faculty is a recommendation of the Human Capital Subcommittee of the U.S. Treasury Secretary’s Advisory Committee on the Auditing Profession.

We have committed $17 million to related initiatives over the years, and now it’s your turn to take action. Audit, tax, management accounting, information systems, and financial analytics professionals are encouraged to seriously consider a career as an accounting professor. Your experience will contribute great insights regarding real-world issues that are frequently encountered in practice. 

Learn how you can earn your Ph.D. and give the accounting students of tomorrow the benefit of your knowledge, skill, and expertise.

Learn more about ADS Program by reading our latest annual review.


Currently enrolled ADS Scholars

2017 Enrollments

Aaron Fritz Audit Michigan State University
Adam Manlove Tax Indiana University
Alex Johanns Audit University of Illinois
Amanda Gates Carlson Audit University of Wisconsin-Madison
Aubrey Whitfield Audit University of Massachusetts
Davidson Gilette Tax University of Alabama
Iguehi Rajsky Tax Temple University
Kristen Steury Audit University of South Carolina
Landi Morris Audit Bentley University
Steve Maex Audit Temple University

2018 Enrollments

Andrew Suh Audit University of Missouri
Anthony Welsch Tax University of Texas at Austin
Christopher Rossetti Audit University of Kansas
Julia Ariel-Rohr Audit University of Wisconsin-Madison
Karneisha Wolfe Audit Virginia Tech
Lauren Rukasuwan Tax Texas Tech University
Leah Diehl Tax University of Alabama
Melissa Peters Audit Florida State University
Patience Constance Audit University of Kansas
Rachel Bracken Audit University of Illinois
Stefan Stavov Audit University of Tennessee
Stephen Stewart Tax Texas A&M University

2019 Enrollments

Andrea Tsentides Audit Rutgers University
Brian Webb Tax Oklahoma State University
Gloria Sapounova Audit University of North Texas
Ilbey Budak Audit University of Missouri
Jenna El-Kahili Tax University of Florida
Jonathan DiYorio Audit Virginia Tech
Laurie Ereddia Audit University of Tennessee
Lisa Tiplady Audit Texas A&M University
Roy Martin Tax Oklahoma State University
Robert Raskin Audit Arizona State University
Timothy Mallon Audit Indiana University
Tyler Johnson Tax University of Arkansas
Vernan Rivera Tax University of Connecticut

2020 Enrollments

Adrienne DePaul Tax University of Connecticut
Becky Bokrand Audit Texas Tech University
Beverly Howard Audit Arizona State University
Chelsea Anderson Audit University of Arkansas
Colin Tipton Audit Temple University
Dana Nugent Tax City University of New York - Baruch College
David Stroud Audit Texas A&M University
Jack Badger Tax University of Tennessee
Jessica Nylen Audit University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kaitlyn Kroeger Tax University of Texas
Kevin Munch Audit University of Florida
Lucas Swider Tax University of Oklahoma
Millie McAleer Audit University of Alabama
Nathan Groff Audit University of Arkansas


2021 Enrollments

Andrew Jones Audit Indiana University
Brian Forsberg Tax University of Illinois
Katie Daugherty Tax Indiana University
Lauren Frederick Audit Cornell University


2022 Enrollments

Abigail Rozanski Tax Texas A&M University
Caitlin Landy Audit Bentley University
Lindsey Brake Tax Michigan State University
Richard Crandall Financial Analytics University of Illinois