Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why is my favorite school not a participating university?  

Ans. Most likely the school does not have a recent track record of producing Ph.D.s who take positions at universities that produce a meaningful number of graduates for the profession. A second reason is the school may not have faculty capacity to add incremental slots in tax or auditing. 


Q.  Should I apply to more than one school?  If so, why?

Ans. Absolutely.  Remember each school has a limited number of incremental slots, with most having just one.  You need to be flexible.


Q.  When should I apply to the schools of my choice?

Ans.  Begin the process immediately after being notified of ADS Program Scholar selection committee’s decision.  


Q.  Can I use my application to the ADS Program for my application to schools?  

Ans.  No.  Each school has its own application form.  You must submit official transcripts and GMAT scores.  Our submission would not qualify as “official.”


Q.  Why do you send my application file to the participating schools?

Ans.  To let the schools start recruiting you early!! Remember, competition is good!!  


Q.  If I withdraw as a candidate or am not selected as an ADS Program Scholar, may I rollover my application to next year?  

Ans.  Yes. However, you will be considered by the Selection Committee as a new applicant. You may retake the GMAT or GRE and submit an official new score without filing a new application.  


Q.  What are my other options if I am not selected as an ADS Program Scholar or do not gain admission to a school acceptable to me?  

Ans.  You are encouraged to apply to any doctoral programs of your choice for a university funded slot. 


Q.  What happens if an ADS Program Scholar switches his or her area of concentration while enrolled in a Ph.D. program?

Ans.  As long as a candidate commits to pursuing one of the other concentrations, his or her funding will not be impacted.  If they choose a concetration outside of audit, tax, management accounting, financial analytics, or systems, then a candidate will not receive any additional funding from the ADS program.  


Q.  As an ADS Program Scholar, what if I drop out of the doctoral program where I am funded? 

Ans.  Don’t even think about it.  You’ll regret it later.  We encourage you to remember the power of positive thinking.  If you have to drop out because of circumstances beyond your control, e.g., family tragedy or health reasons, we will not ask for our money back.  As accountants, we are warm hearted.  We will work with you if there is any possibility of you returning to doctoral study in the foreseeable future.


Q. What if, as an ADS Program Scholar, I wish to transfer schools?  

Ans.  Tranfers in doctoral programs are extremely rare and highly discouraged for a variety of reasons.  Although generally it is not feasible to transfer, if you feel you must transfer, talk to us before you do so. 


Q.  Should I seek to stay in touch with my current employer while in the ADS Program?

Ans. By all means:  they are anxious for you to succeed.  They look forward to you taking a faculty position at a university where they recruit.  Additionally, they may be able to assist you in gaining access to research data.